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Partner Chambers

Inspiring Success Through a Unified Community

COFACC aims to provide support, resources and share best practices to the individual member chambers and serve as their collaborative voice.

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Connecting Business
& Community

by serving as a resource base for domestic and international investment/business opportunities, and facilitating relationships among COFACC Partner Organizations.

Community Relations

Viability & Value

by coordinating and promoting organizational synergy through unified themes, and instituting to share best practices on organization management.

Business Enrichment

Member Engagement

by providing high engagement platforms through technology, fostering B2B, and offering dedicated support for partner chambers through guidance and leadership.

Member Services

the Course

COFACC aims to identify Fil-Am businesses in the US, provide advocacy and outreach for the relevance of chambers of commerce, and steward/foster relationships with neighboring business and local government.

Organizational Foundation

Exclusive Partner Discount Programs

As a member of one of our Partner Chambers, you’ll gain access to these exclusive benefits.
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More Reasons to Join COFACC

When you are a member of an chamber or association that is a partner-organization of COFACC, you gain access to:

Wide Resource Base Across FilAm Businesses Nationwide

Upon becoming a member of the Coalition, COFACC provides immediate access to the various resource base of all of the COFACC member-organizations. Learn More >

A National Level Visibility

With COFACC's national reach, our website becomes a valuable channel for potential clients, vendors, and business partners within your respective fields or geographic location to find you through the connected Partner Chamber Directory. Learn More >

Member Discount Programs

Any member of a COFACC member-organization may enjoy the same member discounts as is offered by another COFACC member-organization to its own general membership. Learn More >

Leadership Training & Mentoring

COFACC host/co-host leadership and skills building training sessions designed to developed and/or enhance an individual's management and leadership skills. Learn More >

Chamber of Commerce "Fast Start" Program

For areas/cities which do not yet have their own local FilAm Chamber of Commerce, COFACC provides a basic Step-by-Step Manual of Procedures for Starting a Chamber of Commerce. Learn More >

B2B Matchmaking Services

COFACC serves as a platform of exchange of business information between two businesses leading to actual business transactions between them. Learn More >

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COFACC Signature Event


Share the Vibe
Celebrate the Tribe

August 8, 2024
Cerritos, CA

Attending the Asian-American Business Expo in August 2024 will provide a comprehensive platform where Asian American Chambers of Commerce and Cultural Organizations can simultaneously showcase their rich cultural heritage and dynamic business ecosystems, promoting cross-cultural and economic collaboration.